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    Exibiting our strong grounded roots, our TERRA FIRMA shorts comprises of 3 earthy brown tones. The base fabric tone is of desert sand brown. The left side of the the design comes with pocket detailing with zipper in a faded shade of beaver brown. The left side is festooned with strips of dark mocha brown in a criss-cross manner. To enhance utility, additionally two pockets are engineered at the back. The material used is 250 GSM plain weave dyed glaze cotton. 

    Rooted in Earth: Embrace the TERRA FIRMA Shorts

    Embrace the raw essence of earth with the TERRA FIRMA shorts, a testament to Farda's strong, grounded roots. Crafted from durable 250 GSM plain weave dyed glaze cotton, these shorts offer both comfort and timeless style.

    The design evokes the desert landscape, starting with a base of warm desert sand brown. On the left leg, three functional pockets with faded beaver brown zippers provide ample storage, while strips of dark mocha brown interweave in a criss-cross pattern, reminiscent of rugged terrain. For added practicality, two additional pockets sit at the back.

    These aren't just shorts; they're a statement. More than aesthetics, they embody a connection to nature, a celebration of authenticity, and a commitment to quality that transcends fleeting trends. Whether exploring urban jungles or seeking solace in wild spaces, the TERRA FIRMA shorts move with you, adapting to your needs and expressing your unique earth-inspired spirit.

    So, step into comfort, embrace the raw beauty of nature, and let the TERRA FIRMA shorts become your anchor in a world of fleeting trends. Feel the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, and the earth beneath your feet, all embodied in this versatile, effortlessly stylish piece.


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