About Us

Farda is an expression of art, intricate design and culture. We're a premium customized streetwear brand for people who are not afraid to make a statement. The word 'Farda' means 'Tomorrow' in Urdu, so we're the tomorrow of fashion, the future of fashion and the Farda of Fashion.

Co-founders and Creative Directors; Chahat Pahuja and Sanskar Mishra envisioned the brand representing Indian Streetwear globally.

"Farda is for people who want to express through their style what they're all about. We're bringing emotional intimacy back into street fashion." - Chahat Pahuja.

"We perceive fashion as an art and we want people to wear art that truly represents them. We promote individualism at our core." - Sanskar Mishra.

Any customized/made to measure item purchased from the brand will be carefully designed and tailored by local artists by hand. All of the designs offered are exclusive and are voluntarily limited in quantity to promote art and slow fashion.

Anyone purchasing from the brand aka #FardaFam is a part of the greater cause of that the person and the brand itself. Farda is for making a bold, unfathomable and unapologetic mark and Farda, as a fashion art is a medium.