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The ARCHANID TSHIRT is an exquisitely crafted handmade cut and sew tee that showcases the pinnacle of Farda's expertise in the realm of cut and sew tees. This exceptional piece combines two distinct fabrics, a refined blend of black and beige, meticulously assembled to create a visually striking composition. The front panel seamlessly blends these contrasting colors, adorned with intricate thread detailing that artfully interweaves patches of beige and black.

The true centerpiece of the ARCHANID TSHIRT lies on its back, where a masterful design unfolds. Seven skillfully tailored black patches are arranged in a panel configuration, gracefully ascending from the tee's bottom. Taking center stage amidst this captivating formation is an embroidered tarantula in shades of beige and black, meticulously capturing its essence. These patches serve as an allusion to the intricate webs spun by these remarkable creatures, showcasing an unparalleled attention to detail.

The ARCHANID TSHIRT epitomizes a harmonious fusion of craftsmanship and artistry. Its meticulously executed design, attention to detail, and high-quality 220 GSM terry cotton materials make it a truly remarkable addition to someone's wardrobe.  

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