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Introducing the ASH n ROSE tee, a captivating evolution of our classic half-and-half tees. This remarkable two-tone garment combines the elegance of Mexican pink and the understated charm of ash gray. The tee showcases meticulous craftsmanship, as the fabrics are vertically divided and expertly sewn together at the center, resulting in a visually striking composition.

Building upon our signature half-and-half design, the ASH n ROSE tee introduces an innovative twist through the artistry of cut-and-sew patches. These patches, thoughtfully interchanged and sewn across the shoulder, sleeve, center, and bottom, add a unique touch to the garment. Enhanced with delicate off-white thread detailing, which harmonizes with the embroidered neo-cyber FARDA branding at the center, the tee exudes a refined aesthetic.

The back of the tee maintains a clean and sleek appearance, with a vertical division of ash gray and Mexican pink. Constructed with high-quality materials, the ASH n ROSE tee utilizes 240 GSM PC terry in gray and 240 GSM cotton terry in pink, ensuring both durability and comfort 

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