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Presenting the ROGUE PUFFER CROP JACKET, a testament to our deep-rooted heritage and craftsmanship. This exquisite jacket showcases a sophisticated palette of dark glaucous blue patches, meticulously assembled to create a harmonious monotone design. Adding a touch of cultural richness, the patches feature striking block-printed traditional Varli Art motifs in contrasting white hues.

To enhance both style and functionality, each patch incorporates cotton, lending the jacket its distinctive puffer appeal. The artisanal process shines through, as every square patch is meticulously sewn by hand, with the blue threads intentionally left uncut, exposing the rawness and authenticity of the design.

Designed with urban sensibilities in mind, the ROGUE PUFFER CROP JACKET features a practical and fashionable hood. The sides and shoulders boast heavier and edgier puffer panels, accentuated by drawstrings for a customizable fit. These drawstrings cleverly double as closure mechanisms for the open side panels, allowing for versatile styling options.

True to our commitment to quality, this jacket is meticulously crafted from dyed khadi in Khadi Juton fabric, a reflection of the rich heritage of Indian streetwear. The ROGUE PUFFER CROP JACKET effortlessly merges cultural elements with contemporary fashion, making it a standout piece for those seeking a distinctive and refined style.

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