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The TEMPEST TSHIRT showcases a bold scarlet red hue in a captivating two-layered design. The top layer, a gracefully oversized and flowy crop top, commands attention with its striking screenprinted tempest pattern in black. Enhancing its urban appeal, the top layer features off white neo cyber puff printed branding at the center, adding a contemporary touch to the ensemble.

What sets the TEMPEST TSHIRT apart is its adaptability. The top layer effortlessly detaches, offering the wearer the option to style it as a standalone statement piece. The bottom layer, a sleek sleeveless tank top in matching scarlet red, mirrors the captivating tempest screenprint, creating a harmonious aesthetic across the two pieces. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the TEMPEST TSHIRT boasts a robust construction from 240 GSM PC terry fabric, ensuring both durability and comfort.

Blending an edgy demeanor with utilitarian functionality, the TEMPEST TSHIRT represents the epitome of contemporary streetwear. Whether worn together as a coordinated ensemble or individually to suit one's personal style, this exceptional two-piece garment effortlessly caters to the fashion-forward urban enthusiast, making a bold and impactful statement in any setting.

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